How to visualize JMH Benchmarks?

by coding flower

The java microbench harness allow results to exported to four different types of format:

  • csv
  • json
  • text
  • scsv

Exporting data to the csv file and uploading it to the excel or Google sheet and drawing some charts is the most obvious way to visualize data from the benchmark. There is faster way, you can find it here

JMH Visualizer

Instead of exporting data to CSV, this time you have to export it to the JSON type. What are the features of this tool?

  • You can simultaneously evaluate multiple runs.
  • You can switch between modes (thrpt, avgt, ss).
  • There are different charts for each benchmark.
  • If you want to see values other than score, like gc.time or gc.count you can do that too.

Underneath you can find some screenshots with some sample visualizations:
Benchmark detail
GC Options
Compare Runs


A very fast and simple tool. It would be the right option for you if you don't need to carry out any complex analysis.

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